Get Your Sh*t Together with QuickBooks Online

bookkeeping Aug 23, 2019
We’ve all heard the saying “Time is Money.” When you’re starting a business, you could be wasting a lot of time and money by not being organized. Follow along as we discuss how to use QBO to go paperless and keep all your business finances in one place.
What is QuickBooks Online aka QBO?
QBO is an online small business accounting software used by entrepreneurs like you to track income and expenses, track time and payroll and prepare for taxes. QBO is user friendly and has a mobile app for bookkeeping on the go!
Take that receipt and shove it…
Right into your recycle bin after you take a photo. Simply write down the reason for the expense (ie. Meeting w/client Nala Bear re: taxes) on the receipt and snap a photo. Create a gallery in your phone titled receipts so you don’t have to scroll past a million photos of ‘the cutest dog in the world!
Get the QBO App
Loading your receipts into QBO is so easy, you could be binge watching your favorite show while organizing your finances. Simply open the app, click a transaction that automatically downloaded from you bank, categorize it (ie meals, office supplies) and then attach the photo from your gallery. If you have a stack of receipts, you can take a photo from inside the QBO app. Easy peasy!
Make Money!
Create your customer list, invoices (customizable to your brand!), accept payments, track time and more in QBO. Keeping your income and expenses all in one place means you can run a report and see exactly how your business is doing today.
Save on Taxes
No one likes a surprise when they file a return. When you have an up to date profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements (which QBO does for you!), fulfilling your business tax requirements is much easier on you and your return preparer. Saving you time and money!
***There are different monthly subscription levels and the features discussed are for QBO Simple Start to Plus. I do not recommend QB Self-Employed as it has limited capabilities, is not customizable nor upgradable later.***
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