Freebird Financial is a boutique tax firm specializing in proactive tax strategies designed to keep more profit in your pocket…
and out of Uncle Sam’s.

Tax Coaching & Strategy

Carefully curated tax plans for 6 & 7 figure coaches and consultants that want to LIVE first, adventure always and utilize money as a catalyst for a kick ass life.

We'll help you pay less tax and get closer to your dream life. 

$how me the SAVINGS!

Hi, I'm Ali Vee

I'm a soft spoken (but outspoken), potty mouthed, business badass. When I'm not crunching numbers or researching tax laws I'm either hitting the links or doing something fast, loud & fishy. 

Freebird Financial was born after 15+ years in business operations, managing multi-million dollar businesses. I needed to KNOW why my numbers differed from corporate. When I received unsatisfactory replies, I did what any logical person would do...Quit > get a Masters in Accounting > become an IRS Enrolled Agent. Totally normal. Now I help business owners make decisions that are advantageous today, tomorrow and at tax time.

Combine a business background with a strategic (legal-loophole-loving) tax nerd and you've got a whole lot of passion backing your business. Let's get to work!


We're in it for the long haul!

As much as our clients choose us, we also choose them. When we welcome you to the Freebird Family, we mean it. We plan on cheering you on and being a part of your continued success for many years to come. 

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