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Business & Financial Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs


Financial Fitness 

While tackling finances does take some sweat, like a good hot yoga class, that energy is worth it. This mentorship will have you feeling savasana calm and so thankful you put in that hard work.

After all, you're always glad you went to get your fitness on - and will only feel fantastic that you put on your (virtual) sports bra and handled your Business & Financial stuff too.

Are You Ready To Make Some Fucking Money? 

I know, I know…money doesn’t buy happiness, but last I heard, landlords still aren’t accepting sunshine & good vibes as payment.

​So now that we’ve established that making money by pursuing your passion is pretty awesome, we can begin. Let’s start with the cold, hard truth.

Being an Entrepreneur is H-A-R-D 

You have to become the:

  • ​salesman
  • marketing director
  • social media manager
  • content creator
  • office manager
  • accountant
  • responsible party

AND still find time to turn your passion into profits.

​Phew, doing all the things is exhausting.

​It’s too easy to let the business of being an entrepreneur get in the way of massive success.

Do you have someone (with credentials) that you can ask questions like: 

  • Should I be charging sales tax?
  • How much can I pay myself?
  • Can I support myself if I quit my 9-5 job?
  • How much should I save for taxes?
  • Should I form an LLC?
  • Do I need a business license?
  • How much should I be charging?
  • What can I deduct on my taxes?
  • How the f*ck do I use QuickBooks?

​Get real answers backed by real numbers and regulations. Keep it legit y’all!

Are We a Good Fit? 

We might be a good fit if…
  • ​You want to start and/or grow your own business
  • You are ready to cross things off that to-do list you've been ignoring
  • You want some guidance to do it right the first time
  • You are ready to treat your business like a REAL fucking business and strategically go after your goals
  • You’re super motivated and ready to put in work
  • You like to work smarter not harder; efficiency for the win!
  • You want to make money your way, on your time

Here's the Scoop... (aka what's in it for me?)

  • Monthly Q&A's with a Tax Pro and Business Whiz (that's me!)
  • Bookkeeping Tips & Tricks galore. Learn how to actually use that QuickBooks subscription you've been paying for or get an account set up. 
  • Learn about Business Entities - What paperwork needs to be filed as a Sole Proprietor, should you become a LLC or S-Corp and how does this affect taxes.
  • Office Hours - Designated office hours to get your questions answered fast! 
  • Deductions - Maximize your deductions and reduce your audit risk. Plus ahem, this mentorship is a deduction for your small biz! Woohoo!!
  • Expert Speakers - Learn from other Entrepreneurs who are doing it BIG!
  • Exclusive Community to maximize your learning potential!
  • BA CEO Members get first dibs, early access and deep discounts to upcoming workshops, 1-on-1 mentorship and more!
  • All this for only $29/mo.
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Say "I'll do it tomorrow" but never do

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Q&A w/a Tax Pro

Office Hours for Support

Bookkeeping Tips & Tricks

Accountability to Get Shit Done!

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Tax Planning

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1-on-1 Business & Financial Mentorship

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Are You Ready to Rock? 

Investing in your business is a BIG deal and we take that seriously at Freebird Financial. After all, we want you to be successful and increase your bottom line. The BA CEO Mentorship was built to help Entrepreneurs like you get the information you need to make profitable decisions and avoid costly mistakes. I've helped fix a lot of business boo-boos (for a lot of money!) and I'm going to be there guiding you in the right direction. 

You can think of me as your Sherpa, providing life saving oxygen as we climb Mt. Everest together. I've been there, done that...let's get you to the top! 
Let's Rock!


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