Business Bootcamp: S-Corp Edition


S-Corps can offer thousands in tax savings...if you do it right.

Join us for a crash course in S-Corp ownership compliance & tax saving strategies without all the IRS-jargon. Simple, easy to understand dos and don'ts so you won't risk losing your election and paying more tax than necessary. You'll get worksheets and templates you need to be in compliance with the IRS and we'll explain it all in easy to digest video lessons. 


⚡️ BONUS ⚡️

👉 Cali specific checklists and step-by-step instructions. 

In this bootcamp you will learn:

✅ How to reimburse yourself for business use of home & vehicle

✅ How to report health insurance so you can still deduct it on your personal return

✅ How to pay yourself & what is reasonable compensation

✅ What retirement plans are available to you as a shareholder/employee

✅ How to properly issue distributions

✅ What is shareholder basis and why it matters to you

✅ Plus worksheets & plan templates to implement what you learn

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Business Bootcamp: S-Corp Edition


Easy to understand dos and don'ts of S-Corp compliance & tax saving strategies.


What you'll get:

👉 Easy to understand video lessons

👉 IRS approved Accountable Plan Documents

 👉 Worksheets & Templates for easy implementation

👉 California specific checklist and step-by-step instructions


Let's get to work!