It's like Tax Prep on Steriods...



It's like Tax Prep on Steriods...



It's high time we peel back the curtain and reveal business, money and tax strategies that can create serious wealth. We're talking about money moves you thought were reserved for big corps and billionaires. Well it's time to claim your seat at the table. Go ahead and pull up a chair.

I'm not your dad's accountant...

Freebird Financial is not like other firms. We strive to connect with each and every one of our clients in a meaningful way and help guide you through YOUR unique situations and how the tax code affects you and your business. We also saw a huge void in education around 'the business' of being a business owner. The phrase we hear most often is “no one told me I had to do that.” Well, we’re here to guide you through the scary, complicated shit, saving you time and $MONEY$. This isn't just about taxes (which is included). This is about utilizing your business to create the life of your dreams.

You're in good hands: IRS Enrolled Agent | Certified Tax Coach | Master of Accountancy

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The only business membership combining: 

Professional Services

Business & Personal Tax Returns |  Annual Tax & Financial Strategy Session

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Tax Strategies | Business Tools | Guest Experts | Deadline Reminders | Money Tips & More

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Monthly Group Calls | Q&A | Quarterly Kick Off & Accountability Calls

Give me the Skinny

So you like it straight, no chaser. My kind of gal. Here's what you get:

  • VIP Onboarding (1-1) Financial Checkup & Goal Session to ensure you are set up for success
  • Business & Personal Tax Returns prepared by Team Freebird
  • Annual Tax & Financial Intensive (1-1) w/ Team Freebird
  • Deadline reminders (like those pesky quarterly estimated taxes & other compliance items that YOU MUST DO!!)
  • Monthly Group Calls w/ Q&A time
  • Resource Vault with tips, tools and tax strategies (we're talking videos, spreadsheets, guides, etc)

*The C-Suite is for California Residents Only*

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After tax season. We want to give you the time and attention you deserve and we can't possibly do that well during tax season. We are hyper focused on our current clients and keeping our ears open for IRS/FTB/Congress shenanigans. New client strategy sessions start in May. Please complete the form below to be notified when we're ready to $AVE you lots of moolah!  

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